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Prakash runs an industrial goods exports company based in India with business office in Singapore. He wants to grow revenue from online marketing using affordable and efficientmarketing ideas. But he is short of time, so the next thing he did was appoint his IT executive sitting at his manufacturing to do the job. Now this IT guy, tried almost everything of the 101 free marketing ideas that can be find easily on the web but response was low. So Prakash did the next thing, he connected with experts @AiDASiNC through the free marketing helpdesk and got his expectations fulfilled.

While searching online for a reliable and trusted digital marketing company, Prakash saw our website. He liked our services, our offers and connected with us to avail the Free Marketing HelpDesk chat support.

* Content marketing through blogs, articles, videos and press releases

* Linkedin marketing to micro-targeted buyer profiles via InMail

* Audience engagement via industry group discussions

* Custom audience targeting via display ads on Linkedin

* Lead generation using our Free BizGenerator services

More than giving 101 Free Marketing Ideas We get them done!

* Delivering superior user experience

* Based on predictive analytics of buyer intent

* Across multi-format ads across multiple channels

You will get thousands offree marketing ideasonline [see our Google ranking among the best], but we will help you get them implemented and get results. Our free marketing program [FMP] offers business owners like Prakash with zero budget marketing services, ideas and solutions.

For reference, starting with 15 out of 101 Marketing Ideas in this post:

Try using gift cards to boost loyalty

Use Google retail to grow local sales

Advertise online to generate traction

Start online store if you have not done yet

Participate in local events for visibility

Explore point of sale apps for stores

Optimize eCommerce store with keywords

Offer discounts online for in-store pickup

Offer free shipping to boost conversions

Additional benefits of Free Marketing Plan are:

This program gives all business owners like Prakash a skilled and passionate team, working on their side. This is a huge competitive advantage for every business. As an exporter, Prakash saves 100% on upfront agency retainer costs and pays only a small fraction after sales results. For hands-on business owners, there are no hidden costs except for nominal web-hosting fees. Cool, isnt it? To learn more, schedule a Free Demo and get detailed action plan.

360 Degree customer acquisition marketing service

In the business world, free is too good to be true. But interestingly, the FMP has innovativenew age marketingpractices that dont require you to burn your valuable resources. And in todays dynamic world, when every business is working on a tight budget, the FMP can benefit you in a long way.

For Details Schedule a Free Demo, contact:

Ariana Rai Marketing Coordinator @AiDASiNC

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Founded in 2008, @AiDASiNC offers clients the latest in digital marketing, branding and demand generation. Featured in SEOlympics by the renowned Search Engine Journal,the teamhas a rich history of delivering customized services to a global clientele.

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