Chemical Market Research

The chemical industry is one of the largest verticals in the world, comprising a small number of very large players and myriad companies that are focused on particular specialities. There is never a week in the year when we are not researching some aspect of the global chemical industry.

Our Chemical Market Research Experience

B2B International has over 20 years of experience in researching chemical markets. In that time, weve acquired considerable practical and technical experience in the chemical industry. This includes appreciating the complex value chains that often underpin these markets.

This means that unlike some research and insight agencies, we dont need to be briefed on the basics of your market. Instead, we can start to focus on your business challenge straight away. Below, we outline some examples of the types of clients weve worked with in the chemical industry and the types of engagements weve been privileged to assist with.Organic chemicals

Organic chemical market research studies in:

Inorganic chemical market research studies in:

Research studies focusing on key equipment and services suppliers into the chemical industry:

We have conducted numerous studies on behalf of technology licensors in areas such as:

A key challenge faced by our clients in the chemical industry is in discovering ways to differentiate in what can sometimes be highly commoditised markets.

We frequently help clients to develop and refine their customer value propositions (CVPs).

CVP Development: How to Compete in a Commoditised Market

Based on firmographics, behaviours and needs.

Finding opportunities in new geographies, establishing market sizes and forecasting scenarios.

Effective routes for communications and messages that resonate.

Why Consider B2B International For Chemical Market Research?

Our Research Is Tailored To Your Needs

All the projects we help our clients with are developed from scratch, in line with your specific business challenges.

Well Share Best Practices From Other Markets

Weve completed over 3000 insight engagements in b2b markets. We can therefore advise on the approaches that your peers in other business-to-business companies and industries are pursuing.

Activation: Our Research Is Built With Action In Mind

Well ensure you get maximum ROI from your research investment: This includes suggesting immediate, practical actions, as well as wider strategic changes that might be required.

Chemical Industry Audiences we Research

The best research consists of asking the right questions of the right people. We have a strong track record of securing access to the right buyers, purchase influencers and channel partners across the chemicals value chain. We are well-versed at reaching current customers and prospective targets alike – essential to get a full market view.

Its also imperative that the data we collect is of the highest quality whether through online, telephone or face-to-face interviews. Below are some examples of the target audiences we can help you to access in the chemical market:

Predictably the most important group of respondents we speak to in the chemical industry are those people who make decisions. We know how to connect with people who choose equipment and supplies. These include technical personnel, procurement, health and safety and senior management. They may be based in head offices, on oil rigs, and in temporary offices in far-flung regions. The interviews are usually by telephone and sometimes online.

Distributors and merchants have become vitally important in the distribution of chemicals. They frequently figure in our research as they play a key role in moving chemicals to small and medium-size companies. The telephone is the main means of carrying out interviews with this group.

There are occasions when it is essential to obtain the views of people on the ground who do the job. They know whether products work. They may not buy them, but they certainly influence whether they are purchased and used or not. Getting through to this group of respondents is never easy because they are not sat in an office. We use the phone and where necessary to self-completion questionnaires. Sometimes we meet them on the ground with a clipboard in our hands.

Directors, VPs and owners of companies may not often order products themselves, but they certainly influence the purchase, especially when it comes to expensive and strategically important supplies. Getting through to these people isnt easy but it is possible using the right approach. Telephone engagement is the main means of interviewing this group.

Weve conducted hundreds of research and insight studies across the chemicals industry from commodities to specialty chemicals and from gases to the packages that contain them. Please click the link below to view this experience in more detail.

Get in touch with our local teams to learn more about our capabilities in chemical market research

Clients Weve Helped in the Chemical Industry

I found B2B International very helpful and professional. The timeliness of all the work they have done has been excellent. Im very impressed.

We have been very impressed by the quality of work provided. The quality of your verbal presentation was very impressive and brought non-involved managers up to speed immediately.

A very positive experience. The innovative methodology was good and the results have been very beneficial.

Overall the study was conducted and reported in a professional manner that delivered specific and targeted feedback. The study has helped to provide good insight that wasnt previously there.

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