6 Powerful Marketing Ideas for B2B Companies

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6 Powerful Marketing Ideas for B2B Companies

Its official: its 2016 and Content Marketing is here to stay, especially for B2B brands. From startups to international corporations, from the most well-known brands like Coca-Colas blog Unbottled to niche companies looking to reach (and teach) new audiences, executives are turning to content. But not just any content will do; readers are more discerning than ever, and only content that provides value to the people you want to reach will get the job done.

But how do you provide content that really adds value to your customers? Catrinel Bartolomeu, Head of Content at Oz Content, shares six of her favorite content marketing ideas for B2B marketers. These ideas will help you stand out from your competition, improve your SEO rankings, and attract new clients. Want even more insight? Catrinel will answer audience questions live– all you have to do is tune in and ask.

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Cash in at scale on the esports explosion

Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat

The esports market is on fire. Last year 43 million people watched the League of Legends world championships, a multiplayer fighting game. And its not a niche market of teenage boys in basements. A recent report found that 31 million people watch esports tournaments in the U.S., and more than double that — 68M — in China.

And the question is — how do you monetize that at scale?

Look to the wild success of the Asia-Pacific esports companies. The companies who stage events like Chinas 2017 Riot Championships, which posted more than 32 million viewers, have been able to compel customers to actually pay to view content, and even tip players, with the right streaming and payment technologies.

Dont miss this VB Live event for keen insights from leaders in the space on how U.S. companies can effectively operate globally or begin to expand globally. Youll learn how to confront the challenges that scaling your audience can pose and improve it, from west to east, as you look to capture more of the global audience opportunity.

* The opportunities provided by the growth in the esports streaming content market

* Whats causing the streaming content surge and market growth

* The technology making this explosive esports growth possible on a global scale

* Confronting the problems around scale in markets like China and elsewhere

* Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat

* Roc Harry, Relationship Director, Worldpay

* Carter Rogers, Senior Analyst, SuperData Research

* Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

Weve all seen the explosion of marketing technology companies over the past several years, clearly illustrated in Scott Brinkers Marketing Technology Landscape that grew from 150 companies in 2011 to over 5,000 last year.

Today, were seeing many marketers who have been part of the martech tool buying spree in recent years take a step back and assess both how their stack works together and if theyre getting ROI from each piece. On the other hand, exciting developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have added capabilities and enhanced others.

So how do we make sense of the martech landscape today? How do you build a stack that answers business needs and takes advantage of cutting edge technology?

Were excited to feature David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen, a leader at the forefront of making sense of todays marketing tools for his clients, along with several innovative marketers who will discuss:

– Martechs evolution in recent years

– Building a stack that makes business sense and delivers ROI

– Where martech is going, notably the impact of AI

Operationalizing Sales & Marketing Alignment

Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc and Adam Koster, BNY Mellon Investment Services

When asked if they have good Sales and Marketing alignment, many leaders would quickly nod their heads. Of course we do! But when it comes down to it, is that alignment real? Are there clear SLAs in place for the treatment of leads and opportunities on both the Sales and Marketing sides? Is the impact of that alignment measurable? Do lead flow, reporting and other critical operations plumbing work as they should? How does this need to evolve as marketing is being asked to support growth across the customer experience?

Were excited to feature noted Marketing and Sales expert Matt Heinz, who will moderate a roundtable with visionaries from both functions where well discuss how to make tangible, measurable Sales and Marketing alignment a reality.

In this roundtable well cover topics like:

– How the best teams have operationalized Marketing and Sales responsibilities

– How to measure the Marketings influence at all stages of the buying cycle

– Which operational pitfalls to avoid

Content Marketing Across the Customer Journey

Steve Gershik, CEO & Principal, Koyne Marketing

Every B2B marketer knows that great content is a key ingredient for winning growth strategy. Content marketing has changed dramatically since the more is more days. The best marketing teams, armed with better measurement capabilities, are taking a more thoughtful approach, delivering helpful, high-quality content and attributing its impact on growth. Theyre also shifting their content mix. With 80% of web traffic expected to be video by 2020 (Cisco), streaming content like webinars and videos are no longer just a tick box for a top funnel asset. Target audiences want more engaging, interactive and human experiences online. Successful content teams are acquiring and inspiring their ideal audiences how, when and where they want at all stages of the customer journey.

In this lively roundtable, marketing content expert Steve Gershik and top marketers on the cutting edge of content will discuss:

– Leveraging the most compelling forms of content in 2018 at every stage of the buyers journey

– Making great storytelling a key part of your process

– Tips for measurement of content performance, connecting campaigns to revenue

From CMO to CGO: Marketing Takes its Seat at the Revenue Table

Liz Miller, SVP of Marketing, CMO Council

The CMO role is in a time of great change. On the B2C side, were seeing several noted CPG brands like Coca Cola eschewing the CMO role and instead hiring Chief Growth Officers. In B2B, there is some traction in the rise of CGOs but the broader trend shows the CMO role becoming much more metrics and revenue-driven. Its an exciting time for marketers but its critical to understand whats driving this dramatic shift.

Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing at CMO Council will host a lively roundtable with several notable CMOs. In this session well explore why this shift is happening, how businesses should think about these leadership roles, and what this means for Marketing as a whole.

– How the emergence of key technologies has powered the shift to CGOs and revenue-focused CMOs

– How the need for growth influences breaking down old siloes across organizations and placing big bets on innovation

– What a CGO does and whether your company needs one today

The Omnichannel is Table Stakes in 2018

Melanie Turek, VP of Connected Work, Frost & Sullivan

One of the best ways for companies to differentiate is by delivering a truly personal customer experience. In fact, todays buyers have come to expect it. But customer interactions are happening on more applications and devices every dayso how do you ensure your customers get a seamless experience every time they contact your business, regardless of format or channel?

This session will take a deep dive into the next-generation technology that lets companies deliver an omnichannel contact centerone that uses every customer contact point and all relevant back-office information to create truly joyful journeys.

Most brands interact with their customers through advertising more than any other touchpoint. A good ad experience has become integral to a good customer experience pre and post purchase.

Learn about common mistakes brands are making that risk alienating, losing, and offending customers so that you can bring home ideas on how to solve the core issue.

Win New Customers: Engaging & Nurturing Prospects w/ Messaging, Content & Social

Jean Ginzburg, CEO and Founder of JeanGinzburg.com

2017 was the year where digital ad spend has surpassed TV ad spend. Brands are switching their ad spend focus from TV, radio and print to digital.

The majority of our audiences are hanging out online. But before we can market to them, first, we have to identify who is our target market. We will review how to create your customer avatar, identify their pain points and frustrations and pinpoint where the audiences are spending their time online.

With the target market identified, we will create content to engage users with the branded content. We will discuss the trends in creating content and review the types of content applicable at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

And now we are ready to disseminate this content on social media and engage with users. We will cover how to use social media to get your message across and connect with users who would be most likely to engage with your brand. The concept here is to engage, ascend the users to eventually become customers.

Bio: Jean Ginzburg is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert with more than 10 years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize sales and marketing processes and improve productivity. Jean is also the CEO of Ginball. Ginballs clients range from brand name Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups.

Jean launched her book Win New Customers: How to Attract, Connect, and Convert More Prospects into Customers in 60 Days Using Digital Marketing. The book is a 1 Amazon best-seller.

Jeans digital industry specializations include Full funnel marketing strategy, Facebook Advertising, Customer avatar development, Sales and Marketing Automation and Social Media.

Jean has been featured in numerous publications and as a radio and podcast guest. You can find the entire list here:

Step in Your Customers Shoes for Best Growth Through CX Tech

Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer at ClearAction Continuum

Customer experience technologies play significant roles, yet its not uncommon for CX tech to actually make it harder to be a happy customer. To get it right, you need to look at customer experience technology not from an employees viewpoint, but from your customers perspective.

For customer relationship management, automated customer interactions, customer loyalty, enterprise feedback management, customer communities, social media and other platforms, this presentation will show you how to get beyond a technology-centered definition of customer experience management to view things the way customers do, and to leverage CX tech to inspire customer-centered management company-wide in ways that customers will reward with enthusiastic recommendations and expanded spending with your brand.

Lynn Hunsaker is Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction Continuum, which centers businesses on customers by empowering marketing and customer experience teams to adopt customer-centric outside-in thinking and influence for accelerating growth. She led customer experience strategy at Applied Materials and Sonoco Products Company since the early 1990s where her roles included Voice of the Customer Manager, Customer Satisfaction Improvement Manager and Head of Corporate Quality. Lynn has authored 3 customer experience handbooks, including Innovating Superior Customer Experience, and she was author of the year in 2017 and 2015 on CustomerThink.com. She is past president of Silicon Valley American Marketing Association and currently on the Board of Directors for Customer Experience Professionals Association. Lynn co-founded the ClearAction Value Exchange, which helps companies crack the code to overcoming organizational barriers to success with customer-driven change initiatives.

SEO & Content Marketing: The Art & Science of Capitalizing on How to Rank

Holly Miller, Brand Ambassador, Searchmetrics

SEO & Content Marketing are the couple to beat. By understanding the art & science of SEO, this dynamic duo can help marketers in any vertical leverage their content marketing efforts to increase rankings and get eyeballs on their content.

The Internet didnt exist 20 years ago. Especially in the form it does today. The Digital Revolution is an exciting time to be a marketer! Today there are more smart devices and more ways to search than ever before.

While there are no silver bullets, what I know for sure is that there are certain weapons & tactics you need in your tool bag that will help you hit your mark.

What should be in your bag: (what youll learn)

– Ranking research from Searchmetrics – Industry Ranking Factors

– Tactics for ranking as a Featured Snippet when people type questions into Google

– Content checklist: seasonality, semantic association of topics, search volume & intent

Establishing a Foundation for Digital, Influencer & Inbound Marketing Strategies

James Michalak, Director of Business Development, IZEA

Content marketing is the very foundation of any marketing strategy. With limited time and resources, content is easily one of the best investments any business can make.

Targeted content can form the backbone for influencer and inbound marketing initiatives, thus maximizing the utility of short-form articles, white papers, ebooks, or infographics. In this presentation we take a look at how businesses can gain awareness, build trust, and grow with a content-first mentality.

– How to maximize your spend with content

– The Content Formula (Medium + Distribution x Frequency = Sales)

– Diversification of distribution and how to use digital assets effectively

Laura Helm, VP of Commercial Partnerships at Blend Media & Nick Woodford, Marketing Executive at Blend Media

Learn about how interactive 360 experiences are disrupting traditional media, and what challenges they solve for marketers.

Blend Media are the worlds leading provider of immersive 360 experiences. They have built the worlds largest library of premium 360 video and VR images and are a hub for 360 Creators, a global network of expert 360 video professionals. They also host the largest 360 video page on Facebook and are partnered with the Facebook 360 brand.

Throughout this webinar Blend Medias VP of Commercial Partnerships Laura Helm and Marketing Executive Nick Woodford will be discussing the challenge that 360 content solves for marketers by touching on their own experiences of working within the 360 and VR industry, and they will be showcasing their own 360 editor.

Growthhacking content creation to transform your business

Lisa Gibbs, Director of News Partnerships, Associated Press

Curating, creating, and delivering fresh content pushes your marketing game to the next level. Your goal: Get the right content to the right people, when and where they want to see it.

Optimization is the key, and analyzing user data, whether by leveraging AI or including engagement and other metrics in your efforts, helps you uncover not just which content is most competitive but what characteristics are pushing it to the top of the list, and even help you fine-tune your message in real time, keeping it fresh and commanding consumer attention. Once that message is refined and optimized, your data can help you home in on consumer intent, seize site-specific demand opportunities, gauge opportunity sizing and then make sure your message is discovered with predictive intelligence.

To learn more about how to take the educated guesswork out of content creation, make your pitch more persuasive, and magnify your message, dont miss this VB Live event.

By attending thIs webinar, youll learn how optimizing content can:

* Increase relevance for consumers across channels

* Leverage data to increase consumer engagement with content

* Increase the volume and scope of content, netting stronger conversions.

* Seize customer journey opportunities when they appear

* Lisa Gibbs, AP Director of News Partnerships, Associated Press

* Ari S Goldberg, Founder, Barber Surgeons Guild

* Peggy Anne Salz, Principal, Mobile Groove Consulting

* Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

The Confluence Equation: How Content & Influencers Drive B2B Marketing Success

Lee Odden, CEO at TopRank Marketing

Content and influencer marketing are hot topics for B2B marketers all over the world as two of the most promising strategies for attracting, engaging and converting ideal customers.

What many marketers dont realize is how collaborating with influencers can create even more credible, relevant, and optimized experiences for target accounts.

Join Lee Odden to learn how working with influencers and their communities can help scale quality B2B content that gets results.

Crowds Dont Buy. Individuals Do.

Steve Masters, Services Director, Vertical Leap

With the growth of crowd-sourcing and influencer marketing, it is easy to forget that our end customer is an individual. I will examine the importance of selling to the individual and discuss some common mistakes we could make if we put all our faith in influencers and an expectation that shoppers hunt in packs.

Marketing & Sales Alignment: Are you sure sales delivers the right message?

Vishal Shah, CEO & Co-Founder of LearnCore; Hilary Salazar, VP Product Marketing at People.ai

Messaging misalignment can lead to lost revenue. From product positioning, to demos, to questions about the competition, every interaction with prospective customers is an opportunity for the right or wrong messaging to influence a potential sale. You work hard to perfect the corporate and product message; be sure sales gets it right! In this webinar, you will learn:

– Why messaging certification increases sales velocity and increases revenue;

– Who needs to be involved in the establishment of a certification process for sales;

– Where certification can make the biggest impact (e.g.: product launches);

– How to execute and build repeatable certification frameworks.

Solving the Mystery of ROI: How to Find Marketings Impact on the Business

Katie Martell, host featuring Sam Melnick, VP Marketing at Allocadia

With great power comes great responsibility. According to Gartner, CMO budgets are on the rise in 2017 as marketers take on more responsibility for driving business growth. By taking custody of these dollars, CMOs are promising more and more back to the business.

But, many marketers struggle to articulate the result of their investment to the rest of the organization. (Hint: Your CFO doesnt care about your email open-rates.)

Marketers risk the perception of a cost-center, instead of a growth-driver. In this session, well share how leading marketing organizations manage their investments and translate their tactics to speak in the common language as the rest of the business: money.

Recipes for Success: Skills You Need for Foundational ABM Campaigns

Rodrigo Fuentes, CEO & Co-founder of ListenLoop; Portia Mills, Founder & Chief Strategist of Great Eagle Markets

The webinar will identify skills you need to setup modern marketing campaigns, using ABM as a lens to focus discussion on techniques, measurement, and pitfalls to avoid.

– Define ABM and the kinds of companies best suited to this approach

– Discuss the kinds of tools and processes needed for the perfect ABM recipe

– Discuss tips, tricks, and pitfalls when putting the ABM recipe together

How to 5 x your Sales Pipeline with LinkedIn in 2018

Rod Sloane shares the best practices to leverage your profile and content to achieve success in 2018 on Linkedin.

More than Tech: Why you need Content and Community for FinTech success

Sophie Winwood (Innovate Finance), Ina Yulo (BrightTALK), Laurel Wolfe (Klarna), Ollie Judge (11:FS)

The FinTech industry has become quite the saturated market with many companies claiming to bring the next revolutionary product that will disrupt the Financial Services industry. But to be able to stand out in the crowd, both start-ups and incumbents need to remember that it isnt all about the tech.

Being smart about your marketing and branding, growing and building a community of followers, and creating regular relevant content, are all important ingredients in achieving success in the world of FinTech.

Join this panel session where expert branding and content speakers will discuss:

-Content hacks – creating crowd-sourced content on larger topics and promote individual content via newsletters and social channels

-Forming working groups for specific verticals to help the industry come together to look at solving specific problems and find new ways to collaborate

-How to create a brand that is unique and interesting

-The importance of speaking opportunities and how to make the most out of them

-Engaging in the community to learn from success stories and mistakes from similar companies

Marketing experts share tips and best practices for achieving success with email, social media, demand generation, mobile marketing and other trending topics.

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6 Powerful Marketing Ideas for B2B Companies

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