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Why are so many marketers launching ABM initiatives? According to Forrester Research, fewer than 1% of leads turn into customers for B2B organizations. An account-based approach aligns sales and marketing on efficiently engaging the accounts most likely to buy your solutions.

Its time to stop throwing dollars, time, and energy at broad-based tactics that add distractions for your sales team instead of actual pipeline.

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ABM Leaders Became Revenue HeroesSOASTASOASTA Uses Terminus ABM to Shorten Their Sales Cycle by 40%

INVOCAHow Invoca Increased Account Conversions by 200% with ABM

WPENGINEHow WP Engine Generated 28% More Opportunities with ABM

VERSIONONEVersionOne Drives 2x More Sales Opportunities with Account-Based Marketing

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How Terminus is Structured for ABM Success

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