The Best B2B Websites In 2015

Today im going to share with you the top and best B2B websites out there that you can use to source for products and import them directly,now we all know that the number one contender is without a questionthat everything is as smoothly and secure as ever.

This doesnt change the fact that there are countless other portals that can be used as well,the best b2b websites are presented down here for your viewing pleasure.

Please Note that TheBest B2B websites here are the highest ranked in 2015 according to site traffic & usage statistics only but that doesnt mean that they are the best, there are countless others and each good in its own way, some are even country specific which is great for those looking for certain countriess database of suppliers.

Disclaimer:-You may use or distribute this informationwithoutpermissionfrom the owner but you are not allowed to modify it,also i have not included any hyperlinks here so you will have to type the sites name into your browser and head thereyourselfas im not affiliated with any of them. (Manta is not an actual B2B marketplace, rather it provides company profiles for business to business industries and may be helpful to you for starting out and getting several contacts of suppliers overseas for your products) (Created and established as the ultimate guide to Indian suppliers, 70% of its users are Indians as well, it is a good place if you wanna check out the Indian market although Alibaba is slightly better to be honest) (A large Chinese manufacturer directory similar to alibaba that is growing strongly and increasing its features every day to bridge the gap between the customer and the supplier, if you ever visit the canton fair you would see huge marketing efforts from this company to gain exposure and visibility,they are trying to be the No.1 portal in China and best b2b website in the world,keep an eye on them) (A very new hybrid in the B2B industry, is also serving a third-party payment escrow system. The buyers pay through PayPal and funds are deposited into a DHgate account, you might wanna check it out like right now)

7-Ioffer (ioffer is a rising buy and sell marketplace for all your importing needs) largest and the bestB2B website/ e-marketplace there, offering online business directory and yellow pages of Indian & Foreign manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, importers & service providers) (It has a very big data base of Asian suppliers; based in HongKong,Global sources is the next best thing after Alibaba that i use to source for suppliers,they even provide monthly product magazines filled with new products and supplier details all free of charge,go get a free subscription right now !) (Launched in 1999 with the name eBigChina and renamed in 2006, it is regarded as one of the best trading platforms with a staggering number ofmore than five million products. It offers huge range of products available in different categories and the aim of their company is to integrate e-commerce with their daily business activities.)

This was a short but thoroughly researched study on the best b2b websites to use in 2015,i hope you can use them well and remember if you need help with anything,im always there for you,just hit me an email if you have any questions.

People who will ask about or any other famous shopping portals,remember this is about B2B websites not B2C.

Good Luck With Your Sourcing Ventures,,,