Mediapak B2B

We are a dedicated digital B2B marketing and technology agency, offering you the perfect blend of innovative marketing ideas using latest technology solutions.

We create value through our expertise in the B2B marketing and in leveraging on technology solutions that best fits the needs and objectives of our clients.

We help you automate your business processes and use latest technology solutions and trends to expand quickly and efficiently.

We work with you to create new corporate / brand identities and help you connect emotionally with your customers.

We help you connect with your target audience using interactive videos to better communicate purpose and deliver key messages.

We help you prepare your events and tradeshows and equip you with all marketing and communication tools to generate leads and track ROI.

We work with you to define and deliver creative measurable campaigns to meet your business objectives and widespread your reach.

A MEDIAPAK B2B PRODUCTA global sales enablement platform

to ensure sales teamaccess information anywhere & anytime.

Our team is fresh and specialized, committed to helping you define your brand identity and grow your brand image and equity.

Lebanese Nationality Program: a multilingual integrated campaign published in all countries aiming at inviting people of Lebanese origins to request their Lebanese Nationality. The workflow system automated the process between applicants and Lebanese authorities and provided a file tracking ability for all parties.

Tawasal is a news platform with the latest local and worldwide news.

A tablet application used as a marketing tool to showcase their machinery and other products during sales visits and most importantly at exhibitions.

Development of marketing support services, such as website and video animation to support Evergreen Compounding strategic marketing program.

The Mediapak B2B team has done a really great job of getting to know us personally as well as how our industry works. This relationship has created a customized website that is generating excellent results in increased inquiries and quote requests.

General Manager, Evergreen Compounding, Phoenix Engineerning

Countless achievements have been made throughout the years, you were a major contributor in positioning INDEVCO Flexible Packaging on the global map through its innovative solutions, state of the art tools and most importantly a great team.

-Mounir FremINDEVCO Flexible Packaging President

Its important to be important, but its more important to be nice. When you do great things with passion and love, you can make big difference and bif reform. I believe in you guys, it was a great pleasure to realize one National Lebanese dream together that gives hope to million and millionof our diaspora, and looking for more and more.

Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants

Quality in a service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out. A Quality service is not because it is hard to provide it and costs a lot of money, as service providers typically believe. Our perception towards Quality is what gives us value and return. Nothing else constitutes Quality. Thank you for giving us such a high Quality service.

Working with Mediapak B2B has been a great pleasure. They developed my website with great patience and understanding. They were even staying behind and holding Skype calls with me when I was abroad (at completely different time zones) to exactly understand what I want and make sure I was always satisfied and happy. Their follow up was, and still is, amazing even after finishing the website. It was a real pleasure meeting them, working with them, and having them as true friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!