B2B Web and Marketing Consulting

I have nearly two decades of experience in online marketing. I know how to make B2B websites* communicate clearly, and convert leads. Ive worked with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 down to local SMBs. Your website is your most critical lead gen asset, and if you feel like it could be a lot better, I can ntact meand lets talk about it.

I find that B2B companies fall into two categories. They arent tracking enough, or theyre tracking way too much to ever be useful. I can help you match your KPIs to your business goals so youre sure your metrics are actionable. Need help with your backend dataflow? No problem. I know CRM, Marketing Automation and Web Analytics like the back of my handand I know how to make them all play nicely together.Ping meto schedule a phone call.

SEO and SEM have changed dramatically over the past five years. Its hard for even industry professionals to keep up. I can get your site optimized and help you create a content roadmap that will build lasting SEO results. We can evaluate your SEM strategies to be sure that you are getting results from your spend.Drop me a lineand lets get in front of a whiteboard.

The path to SEO enlightenment lies in content marketing. Not only does good content bring traffic to your site, but it builds credibility. From buyers journey mapping, to long tail SEO analysis, and even copywriting, I can help you build thought leadership and use it to get the right people to your site, at the right time.Lets brainstorm.

Stop wasting your marketing dollars and target the specific accounts that are most likely to convert. I can help you use your existing data to segment and target the right prospects rather than using ineffecient, old school, spray and pray methods. Need help getting started or anywhere through the process? Im an ABM ssage meand lets build a plan.

Need help with integrated campaigns? Ive got you covered. I can help pump leads into your pipeline by creating great assets and promoting them through traditional outbound tactics like email, inbound methods like SEO and social, display and banner, SEM, highly optimized landing pages and a host of other tools. Need help?Lets talk.

I began my career in tech in 1995. The web was a fledgling concept, and I was just out of school. My college friends and I created a start-up that sold web pages to small businesses who werent quite sure what this internet thing was. I like to tell people that the web and I more or less grew up together. Ive had the opportunity to master each new technology as it has been layered on.

In the early 2000s, when we started thinking of web roles as a marketing function rather than IT, I got my opportunity to learn lead generation. Eventually that led to content marketing, marketing automation and many of the other skills I have listed in theservicessection. I love marketing. I had clearly found my niche.

When Im not thinking about web and marketing, Im cooking gourmet food, gardening and occasionally building art. (Yep, Im a retired Burner as well.) I live in the San Francisco Mission District with my husband, dog, cats and thriving garden.TechnologiesContent

* I specialize in Open Source technologies and have worked for FOSS companies like VA Linux Systems, Groundwork Open Source and Jaspersoft. I also held an officer role for Silicon Valley Linux Users Group.Ask me more about marketing for Open Source.

Location: Mission District, San Francisco, California, USA 94110