9 of the Best B2B Videos Ever to Inspire Your Video Marketing

Youre watching acorporate B2B video.

It features shots of the exterior of some offices. A dull voiceover. Plenty of well-dressed people talking about how their innovative services can help you leverage… human capitaland…. zzz

Its sad caseslike this that make people think the power of video is limited to B2C.

After all, B2C are the guyswith the big budgets and the cool products. (Im just playing devils advocate here. Dont come after me with pitchforks.)

We know that B2B has just as much potential to createpotent and persuasive video.

Its just that… sometimes its hard to keep believing.

What with so muchhumdrumB2B video around.

Its difficultto keep swimming in a sea of dry explainer videos, unconvincing testimonials and bland brand films.

Im going to prove to youjustwhat B2B can achieve with video when given the chance.

Let these shining beacons of B2B video marketinginspire you to reach ever greater heights with your own B2B videos, and to light the way for the rest of us.

These are9 ofthe best B2B videos Ive ever seen.

Ive gathered 27 incredible examples of B2B video marketing.

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Before we dive in, let me share my criteria for an incredible piece of B2B video marketing.

All 9 of the examples below tick the majority of these boxes.

Theres always room for improvement, but the best B2B videos should get most of them right:

No video works without grabbing the attention of its target audience and using their interests and concerns to hold on tight. Simple.

B2B videos need structure to work. That can be something as emotive as a story, or something as simple as a series of logical points. As long as its there to lead the viewer through to the end.

Your target audience should feel or think differently after watching your B2B video. Choose to be either informative or emotional and if you can manage both, even better.

Looks arent everything, but your viewer isnt going to stand for poor camera work or sound. Especially in B2B, you need some level of filming & editingquality to stay professional.

Ultimately, video is used to getyour target audience to do something. A great B2B video must encourage viewers to take relevant action, and a strong call-to-action makes this mucheasier.

B2B relations are all about trust. Your video should help to reinforce this by being honest and human. The worst B2B videos are fake and try-hard; the best are real.

Like all good pieces of content, B2B video also needs to support your brand. Tone of voice,visuals and values should all make it immediately obvious whos behind the video.

Type of video: Top of funnel B2Bpromovideo & TV ad

Company:Zendesk,customer service software provider

Core message:We helpstrong, mutually beneficial relationships bloom between companies and their customers!

Creative approach:Its all about the metaphor, baby.

In this instance, business relationship = romantic relationship.

(By the way, thats a conceit Zendesk usesconsistently in their video content.)

A lovely old couplebicker and misunderstand, but its clear that they need and loveeachother.

In other words, theyre theperfect parallel for a business and itscustomer. A

How it makes you feel:This video isfunny, human, and genuine.

Zendesk manages to sidestep the boring image of a customer service platform. Instead, they bring everything back to basics.

What theyre selling isbetter communication between real people.

Im left feeling that Zendesk really gets the core purpose of their service. And that goes a long way towards building my trust and confidence.

What makes it stand out:With a title like that, you cant not watch. Two excellentacting performances really seal the deal here.

Company: Slack,communication and collaboration tool

Core message:Use Slack to communicate better with your whole team. Have more fun too.

Creative approach:This video follows the production of… well… itself.

Ittells the story of Sandwich Video as they fall in love with the tool theyre making a video about. They end up being the case study.

That might sound like a complicated chicken-and-egg scenario, butin execution its clean and well-paced.

How it makes you feel: Theres a wonderful balanceof serious benefits and humorousmoments, so it never feels tooscripted.

Even so, theres a lot of information stuffed into 2 minutes 20 seconds.

The video is careful tohighlightthemost usefulfeatures of the product while always coming back tothebenefits forteam members.

It never descends into fakeness, which is key.

Through the Sandwich team you canenvision your own team using Slackin a similar way. And thats pretty convincing.

What makes it stand out: Ive never seen a case study video so involved. The quirky premise alone is enough to keep me watching.

Type of video: Top of funnel B2B promovideo & Hero content

Company: Volvo Trucks, maker of heavy-dutytrucking machines

Core message:Trucks are about precision and finesse, andJean-Claude Van Damme is a badass.

Creative approach:Storytelling. Showmanship. Spectacle.

Action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme doesthe splits between two trucks driving backwards. Hes standing on their wing mirrors. The sun is setting, bathing the whole scene in golden light. Enya is playing. Its glorious.

Were supposed to draw parallels between him and the trucks, but its not in your face. Itssubtle.

This is aperfectillustration of how top of funnel videos can sometimes be more effective whenbarely talking about your product at all.

(By the way, YouTube calls this kind of videoHero content.I created a SlideSharethat covers their framework of Hero, Hub and Hygiene video content. Just jump to slide 89.)

How it makes you feel:The focus isJCVDsprecision and control. Howevery muscle in his body has beenhoned to able to perform the trick.

The spotlight isonthe stunt and the performerrather than Volvosproducts.

Those are theperfect conditions for summoning up a great sweep of awe and respect in the audience.

It means apleasurable viewing experience.We dont resent Volvo Trucks for shoving their product in our face. We love them for setting up such an extravaganza.

What makes it stand out: Even three years on, this is still refreshing like a cold glass of gin and tonic on a blazing summers day. Its absolute uniqueness is… absolute.

Company: HubSpot,inbound marketing platform

Core message:Thingshave changed a lot for marketers, but our platform does everything a marketer might need to improve their life and careers.

Creative approach:What this explainer video does so well isroot itself in its audiences pain points.

Rather than starting with the features HubSpot offers, it begins with its audience and what they care about.

The voiceover pitches the video immediately to marketers. It talksabout specificmarketing concerns: tracking ROI and integrating separate software.

After stressing those problems and making them hurt, it offers the solution. (HubSpot, of course.)

How it makes you feel: This video hasa simple script accompanied by clear footage and animation.

It makes the viewer feel confident, supported and empowered.

And it succeeds atgetting across the message that HubSpot can help marketers to stress less and do more. Without any fluff or filler.

What makes it stand out: Sometimes you dont need a complex premise. This video sets out to explain what HubSpot does and why the target audience should care. And itsucceeds.

Company: Sprint Business,the B2B branch of an IT provider

Core message: Setting up new offices is a total hassle. We can handle that for you.

Creative approach:What a charming video. Its big on style, tone and consistency.

First off, the script refers to the viewer as you throughout. Youre drawn into the narrative, because youre imagining yourself in it.

In short, youre put in the fictional scenario of setting up a new office in a new city.

The visuals are simple and a bit stock photography-esque. And yettheyre tailoredto the script. Each references the other enough to keep the pace moving.

How it makes you feel: This videoreally manages to rack up the pain in the first minute. Even more so than HubSpot.

Your skin craws with the annoyance of setting up IT and comms at your new location. Youfeelthe inefficiency oftheexistingprocess.

So when SprintBusinesssolution issuggested,theres asense of massive relief.

After watching, I knew exactly why Id pick Sprint Business communications service over any other.To me, thats the signal of a great B2B video.

What makes it stand out: The colours, the snappy script, the bursts of humour. Even though its a fairly simple production, the video works hard with what its got.

Type of video: Top of funnelB2B promotional video

Company:Risual, Microsoft solutions provider

Core message: Were crazy. Work with us.

Creative approach:Curiosityis a powerful tool.

What this examplelacks in concreteinformation about itsbrand, it more than makes up for in sheer bizarreness.

Yes, it takes the piss out of meaningless corporate speak and stereotypical agency behaviour.

But it also shows a business able to poke fun atthemselves.

How it makes you feel:By saying little about what they actually do, Risual plants the seed ofcuriosityin the viewer.

What we knowis that this business seems full of fun, interesting people that enjoy what they do.

At the end of the day people do business with other people, so this isnt as crazy a tactic as it might first appear.

And with theseed planted, Risualcan create more explanatory video content further down the funnel to greet intrigued leads.

What makes it stand out: Lines like Dont take my word for itthey have a shit ton of clients!

Type of video: B2B explainer animation

Company: Practicus, project management & consultancy business

Core message: We can help your business realise its full potential and achieve everything you set out to achieve.

Creative approach:This what we in the biz call anexplainer animation.

Because… its ananimationthatexplainsa complex topic.

Explainer animations areeffective at breaking down difficult ideas into visual metaphors, information and data.

All the elements of this video work together: colour, shape, movement, script and sound.The animation illustrates what the voiceover describes,and is matched precisely to background music.

It adds up to create a cohesive brand image of Practicus and what they do.

How it makes you feel: You feel that working with this company will bejustas clear and straightforward as this video.

Never underestimate how a much a story told simply through video can do to build trust and authority in a brand.

What makes it stand out: Some top-notch animation work and sound design, which keeps the vieweron their toes throughout.

Type of video: Top of funnel B2Bbrand film

Company: Dissolve,stock footage company

Core message:Theres a lot of crappy video out there, but lets not make any more of it.

Creative approach: Dissolve took a big dive with this edgy brand video.

They decided tomock brands that seevideo as an exercise inbox-ticking, and it paid off bigtime.

The script itself isbased onashort poem written by Kendra Eash, calledThis Is A Generic Brand Video.

Dissolve read the poem and saw an incredible opportunity.They could provide the stock footage to bring the words to life.

It was a risky move. After all, they do sell the footage that so often ends up in the kind of banal corporate videos theypoke fun at here.

But thats just what makes this video so biting and so true.

How it makes you feel: Equal parts amused, annoyed, and determined.

The painful candorof the videosucceeds at engagingtheaudience and positioningDissolveas a brand full ofheart, humour and honesty.

As a bonus, they also gave the industry a push towards creating better video content. And thank God for that.

What makes it stand out:Gorgeous stock footage alongside ultra-sarcastic voiceover: See how this guy in a lab coat holds up a beaker? That means we do research.

Company: FreshBooks, accounting software provider

Core message:Sarah saved time and hassle with FreshBooks, and you can too.

Creative approach:Sarahs story is a testimonial. Thats all it is. Butthe way its filmed gives it authenticity and power.

The key is: Sarah is allowed to tell her story without interruption or delay.

Shes given the space and time to explain her situation pre-FreshBooks before launching into how their service helped her.

Rather than the business or theoffering, were focused on Sarah and her personal struggles.

A twocamera setup is used to shoot her from two different angles. It adds variety and texture to stop the interview from becoming boring, whilemaintaining its simplicity.

How it makes you feel: Thistestimonial is so much more persuasive than the company talking about itself.

It feels real. It feels true. It sort of makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

And all because FreshBooks kept it simple and let the customer do the talking.

What makes it stand out:Sarahs absolute honesty about the embarassment of hating invoices so much that she wouldrefuse to send them.

Those were my picks for some of thebest B2B videosof all time.

I hope they gave you a goodlook at what B2B video marketing can achieve when it breaks free of its boring shackles.

Fun, friendly, real, human, and above all effective B2B videoispossible.

Now all you have to do is get out there and do it. (How? Give ourvideo strategy templatea try.)

Ive gathered 27 incredible examples of B2B video marketing.

Get them all in our handy PDF download to read, print and share however you want.

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